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Over the last week or so, I have been watching a doTERRA video series around mood and emotions. Life can be busy, so I wanted to summarise it for you. In terms of feeling happy, there are 3 areas that are important.

  1. Happy nutrition

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’, food plays a big role in how we feel. Feeling irritable, tired, uncomfortable and guilt could be a result of skipping meals, too much caffeine/alcohol, too much refined sugar or overeating. For a stable mood, we need to be eating a balanced whole-food diet at regular mealtimes with nutritious snacks in between as needed.  However, even if we eat lots of wholefoods, it’s hard to meet all of our nutritional requirements consistently, particularly as our soil quality isn’t holding up. We need to be getting key nutrients to feel happy as they are co-factors for neurotransmitters (feel good chemicals).

Doterra’s number one bestselling product is the lifelong vitality pack, supporting the body to get all the nutrients it might me missing. These supplements are unique in that they are using high quality whole food nutrients that are highly absorbable, read more here.


MICROPLEX  whole food vitamin: cover your bases and ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs with a supplement using  nutrients in whole food form.

Alpha CRS supporting cellular energy as well as natural cleansing, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties with its phyto-nutrients.

EO MEGA supporting a healthy fatty acid balance within the body which nourishes the cardiovascular system, immune system, joints and brain.




As well as nutrients, we want to make sure our gut is a happy place. This will make sure we are absorbing nutrients properly. The gut is where most of our immunity is housed. Not only this, there are more neurotransmitters in our gut than any other area in the body. We can be bottling up many emotions down there, so a cleanse can bring about an emotional response for the better. Read a previous blog about food to improve gut health.

Cleanse + Restore
  • GX Assist gentle, but powerful cleanse, it contains a fatty acid complex that is detoxifying.
  • PB Assist  pre and probiotics – supports a good bacteria gut terrain. Lining the tract with a heathy flora.


  1. Happy lifestyle choices

Essential oils play many roles in healthy lifestyle choices, personally I love frankincense for mediation and making my own cleaning products to reduce toxic load has become very important to me.

  • Exercise is important for a healthy mindset. Find the ways that you love to move your body and do it often. For me it’s running!
  • Sleep better (e.g. vetiver, wild orange, cedarwood)
  • Mediation (e.g. frankincense lavender, bergamot)
  • Reduce toxic load (on guard) – toxins can block receptor sites which in turn can affect mood. The doTERRA on guard products are a combination of wild orange essential oil, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary that offer a fragrant, natural and effective alternative for your immune support and cleaning products.
  1. Healthy relationships

A healthy relationship with those around you and a healthy relationship with yourself. Essential oils are an effective emotional wellness tool. They help bring us into the NOW.

The emotional aromatherapy kit & healthy self-talk are powerful in shifting mindset.


Ask yourself, is there anything in your life you’d like to feel less of? Boredom, stress, guilt

What do you want to feel more of? Motivated, calm, uplifted

Pick the blend and use it aromatically or topically.

Put them on the area of your body that you are experiencing the tension and vocalise it. It truly is powerful and life changing.


Would you like a 1 page printable summary? No problem – here you go —> Mood-and-Emotional-Health.pdf (13 downloads)

If you would like to get started on an essential oils journey, I would LOVE to support you – More details on how to get started here.

Or contact me here. 


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